The Nautic Air hot tubs

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The Nautic Air hot tubs

The Nautic Air hot tubs have a unique double bottom. This solution allows the use of innovative micronozzles or needle nozzles.

“Needle Air” or needle nozzle air massage: under the bottom of the tub, there are air canals through which air is directed into the tub through hundreds of air nozzles. This results in a minimalist tub bottom – the nozzles are next to unnoticeable. The massaging effect of the nozzles can be compared to a needle massage.

In addition to the air massage, the set also includes LED colour therapy. You can choose the colours according to your mood. You can also switch on a colour-changing program.

The hot tub set includes a Full Cleaning cleaning system which activates after each use of the tub. As a result of the cleaning program, there is no leftover water in the air canals, making the hot tub bacteria-free.

You can control the hot tub functions (air massage, LED colour therapy, automatic cleaning) through the tub’s touchscreen panel or on the Nautic Air mobile app.

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