Before the final purchase of the product, read the purchase information. The customer must first determine whether the product is suitable and fits in the planned bathroom. It is also necessary to verify, taking into account the dimensions of the product (especially in the case of bathtubs), whether the product can fit through doorways, stairs, corridors, etc.

The right to file a complaint applies to models for 2 years. The product must be installed and maintained by a specialist of Santeco Holding OÜ or Elkestate OÜ.

If the product is installed by third parties, the product shall no longer have a valid warranty.

The warranty for the steam generator of a new steam room is 6 months.
The replacement parts are guaranteed for 1 month.

The warranty does not apply to:
– misinstalled models
– commercial models*
– if the defect/failure is due to the normal aging of the product (for example: scale in the steam generator, unusual maintenance of wooden floor grates etc.)
– if the customer has independently opened/repaired water equipment, electrical equipment (water pumps, control units, computer blocks, steam generators, etc.)

* Unless a monthly product maintenance contract has been formalized with the sale of a commercial product

Installation conditions:

Before the installation of a steam room or massage bath, the room must be properly prepared:
1. All electrical works must be carried out by a certified electrician or electrical company. A special fault current protection shall be installed.
2. The ends of the water shall be located in a place designated for this purpose (depending on the product). The ends of the water shall be out of the wall and with a ½“ external thread
3. The drain must be 50mm in diameter, from the floor. If the drain is from the wall, we should be consulted in advance.

NB! Per the requirements of RYL 2000, the bathroom must have an emergency drain (loose drain) in addition to the drain pipe for the bath or cabin!

Installation information:
Tel.: 6 414 585
E-mail: info@santeco.com

Installation prices:
Simple Cabin (small) *: 80 EUR
Simple Cabin (large) *: 120 EUR
Steam Cabin (small): 160 EUR
Steam Cabin (large): 200-260 EUR
Steam Cabin with Bath: 220 EUR
Steam Cabin with Massage Bath: 290 EUR
Glass Massage Cabin: 220 EUR
Glass Steam Cabin: 290 EUR
Combined Sauna: from 260 EUR
Finnish/Infrared Sauna: 240 EUR
Simple Bath: 75 EUR
1-seater Massage Bath: 120 EUR
2- or more-seater Massage Bath: 160 EUR
Pool installation: 290-400 EUR (depending on the size and equipment of the pool)

The installation includes the connection of the product to the electricity, water and sewerage network, and product testing. The installation does not include the addition of additional pipes, fittings, taps, or slats. The installation does not include customisation of the product to specific conditions, silicisation of the wall or floor, etc.

Before purchasing the product, the customer must find out whether the product fits in the building and/or bathroom. When delivering and/or installing a product (if the service is ordered), the customer must guarantee the possibility of delivering the product to the building and/or bathroom – the openings of the doors and/or windows must correspond to the gauge of the product, etc.

NB! Additional fee for non-standard installation: 76 EUR
Special order glasses: according to the price offer

Additional work: 36 EUR/hour or by a separate agreement.

The price of additional materials (transitions, pipes, drain bumps, etc.) is added to the installation prices.

All prices include VAT. The prices above do not include prices for additional equipment (fitting, additional pipes, transitions, additional gaskets for doors, etc.). Prices do not include transport of the product to the customer’s door and floor fees.
The additional costs mentioned above depend on the prices of the add-ons, the complexity of the installation and the location of the customer (when calculating the cost of transport).

Departures ordered by a customer:
Within Tallinn: 40 EUR
Elsewhere in Estonia: 60-80 EUR (depends on location)

Formalisation of the defecting act: 66 EUR

Technical consultation by phone E-R (9-17): 30 EUR/hour (unless separately agreed)
Technical consultation by phone L, P, off-duty: 60 EUR/hour (unless separately agreed)
Technical consultation on the client’s object: above prices, plus the cost of the place-by-place price

Price offers:
Information on our products is detailed in the description of each product, additional equipment can be added to the price of the product by each customer according to their requests.

Price offers for purchases bought with loans and for PRIA (Agricultural Registers and Information Board) aids are a paid service. Prices start from 120 EUR/offer

After the actual purchase, the cost of the quote is deducted from the price of the product.

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