Mobiiliäpp mullivannidele

The Nautic Air hot tubs

The Nautic Air hot tubs have a unique double bottom. This solution allows the use of innovative micronozzles or needle nozzles. “Needle Air” or needle nozzle air massage: under the bottom of the tub, there are air canals through which air is directed into the tub through hundreds of air nozzles. This results in a minimalist tub bottom – the nozzles are next to unnoticeable. The massaging effect of the nozzles can be compared to a needle massage. In addition to the...

Mini pool campaign

Use the discount code SPALUX to get I 500 EUR off your Spa Lux I pool!How to use the discount code?Go to the product page: Spa Lux IClick “Add to basket“Insert the discount code SPALUX into the discount code field and click “Use discount code“Check whether the discount code is activeFollow the instructions and finish the purchaseThe discounted bill will be sent to your email addressThe pool is fit for both inside and out, suitable to use all year round!For...

Piimavanni funktsioon - noorendab nahka

“Milk bath” function

The “Milk bath” function is a medical skincare procedure.A special nanogenerator generates minuscule air bubbles sized 5-25 micrometres (there are around 80 micro-nano bubbles inside a regular 2 mm air bubble), making the water a milky white colour.The micro-nano bubbles enter the skin pores and clean the pores of harmful residue. This results in more youthful-looking skin.The procedure is effectively used to treat various skin conditions (psoriasis, skin eczema, etc.).Daily use of the procedure (about 20 minutes) cleans the skin...

Massaživanni automaatpuhastus

Automatic cleaning of the massage pool

NEW! The “Full Cleaning” bathtub cleaning system is a complex cleaning program resulting in the tub’s piping being cleaned automatically before and after using the tub. Thanks to the use of water and a cleaning chemical, the tub’s piping are 100% bacteria-free.The “Air Full Cleaning” cleaning system is a complex cleaning program resulting in the air massage canals being cleaned automatically after using the tub. After using the tub, rinsing water is directed into the air canal system. Then, the...

Mobiiliäpp massaaživannidele

Nautic Pro massage tubs

NEW! The Nautic Pro massage tubs are in a class of their own. All the tub’s functions are controlled through the Nautic Pro mobile app: water procedures (hydro massage, wave massage, water pump selection), automatic cleaning, water heater temperature settings, entertainment (FM radio), and LED colour therapy. All the tubs include an automatic cleaning function which cleans the hydro massage piping and water nozzles after every use. The cleaning function is set up (either automatically or manually) through the mobile...

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