Nautic Pro massage tubs

Mobiiliäpp massaaživannidele

Nautic Pro massage tubs

NEW! The Nautic Pro massage tubs are in a class of their own. All the tub’s functions are controlled through the Nautic Pro mobile app: water procedures (hydro massage, wave massage, water pump selection), automatic cleaning, water heater temperature settings, entertainment (FM radio), and LED colour therapy. All the tubs include an automatic cleaning function which cleans the hydro massage piping and water nozzles after every use. The cleaning function is set up (either automatically or manually) through the mobile app.

Nautic Pro mobiiliäpp massaaživannidele
Massaaživanni veega täitmine mobiiliäpi abil

The Nautic Pro massage tub set includes a digital thermostat faucet. You can regulate the temperature of the water flowing into the tub (either to fill the tub or to use the handheld shower) through the mobile app.

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